Update 3-19-09

Last couple of days have been fun. Yesterday Nathan woke up super fussy and upset so my first thought is, oh no, here we go again. I called Dr. Kenny’s office and rushed over to see her. After a few minutes she says, “teething.” And sure enough, I looked in and he has molars coming in. The prescription: teething tablets! I was excited that Nathan’s body is still strong. He muscle tested at 995, so he seems to be doing very very well. Tommorrow we are going back for another appointment and checkup (this one was pre-scheduled).

Since he didn’t go to Napa yesterday he attended his horse therapy and really enjoyed it. His therapist, teh wonderful Ms. Becky, said it was the best he’s ever done – he was strong and holding up his head and trunk.

Today we went back to NAPA even though he was Mr. Whiney. However, it appears that the whining only ocurss when mommy is present. The moment I leave, he is perfectly behaved.

Which leads me right into my next thing – behaviors. I’ve decided to get a bit stricter with him and not give in to his constant whining. He didn’t like that too much, but what kid does? I am hoping we can get him past this stage of constant whining and into a happier state of mind.

And talking about whining, I realize that part of the problem is he can’t communicate. So today I went to the Csun Technology Conference. I checkout out a lot of their devices and was pretty impressed! I think we’re gonna go with the Vmax with Eyemax from Dynavox.

As soon as we get him working with a device, I am hoping life will change for Nathan.

After we got home from Napa, Owen gave me a break and took Nathan and I have been on the computer for 8 hours straight. I was so behind in emails it was unreal. I can now happily report that I am caught up! While I responded I did a bit of research here and there, as usual.

Tommorrow we go back to Dr. Kenny and then we go to napacenter just for the auditory part.

Have a great Friday!

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