Update 3-9-09

Let’s start with a few laughs:

Did you notice how Jackie’s entire body fits in Lucas’ mouth?  At some point today Lucas picked Jackie up by the neck and carried him outside.  How cute is that!

Today we woke up late because of DST so things started off pretty hectic.  After Nathan’s PT with Julie he ate a quick breakfast and Mary did ABR with him for an hour.  Then we ran off to Napa as I had already made the appointment and wanted to keep it.

Nathan watched “A Goofy Story” in the car on the way down and was totally happy.

When we got to Napa Center, we met up with Genie, the Tomatis practitioner, who got him set up and hooked up right away.

Here’s a video about Tomatis:

This one is in Spanish, but it gives you a visual about what it looks like:

We left Nathan with Genie and walked away just waiting, just waiting for the howl of complaint…but it never came.  For an hour and a half Mary and I sat in the room next to where Nathan was, just waiting for a cry, a complaint, a whine, anything.  But he was HAPPY!  He spent an hour and a half with the headphones on his head, calm, content, playful.


He came back to me very happy – so I think this program is a GO.  I don’t know how to explain it, but there was something about his vibe when he came back that felt very good.

After we came home, we snuggled up for a nap and I took a cat nap while Nathan continued to sleep.  He’s been happily asleep for 2 hours now.

We are going to see Genie 2 more times this week, and then at the end of the week, we will decide when to go back, and how often to engage in this therapy.

Genie’s goal is to teach me how to do this at home with Nathan so that we don’t ahve to continuosuly drive an hour for the program, which I think would be wonderful.  I have recently talked to a few moms whose kids did Tomatis and they all told me that their language started developing very quickly after some sessions with this method.  But apparently Tomatis also works with neurological organization, so hopefully we will see some improvements in both of these areas.

I am going to be reading/learning more about this method and will write more about it as I learn!

Until tommorrow.

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