Update on Belle

Today I had my 20 week OB appointment. The news is…Everything is GREAT! Belle looks SO GOOD. She has grown, her measurements are exactly where she needs to be for her gestation age, her heart is strong and steady. One cute little tidbit – her femur measures 2 weeks ahead – meaning, she will have long legs!

I asked the doctor about C-section vs Vaginal birth and he recommended a C-section. He said the risks on the child are lower with a C-section and he doesn’t want to run any risks at all with Belle. He will not be the doctor delivering Belle, but I appreciate her advice and agree with him.

So Belle will be born by C-section on May 3rd!

Nathan is doing great today, he had an OK CME session and is now watching TV while I pack and get everything ready for tomorrow. TOMORROW! I can’t believe we’re going on vacation tomorrow. Wohooo!

Bye for now! I’ll try to update from Colombia.

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