Update on my adventurers

I talked to Owen a little while ago and he said they had another fabulous day. 2 dives, 3 hours of suit therapy, and a whopping GFCF meal at PF Chang’s. He said Nathan was really happy the whole day and he didn’t hear a peep of complaining out of his mouth. Everyone kept on commenting on how different Nathan is when he is with daddy than when he is with mommy. He’s a tough little guy with daddy, and a spoiled brat with mommy. Just the way I like it 🙂 So Nathan has now completed 10 HBOT dives at pressures ranging from 1.3 and 1.5 Now that Nathan is better I am hoping they will go up to 1.75. Good night everyone!


  1. Next time they go to PF Changs, mind if I come too?

  2. That is EXACTLY how Fletcher is with Trevor and me!!

    Glad things are going well.

    Oh, and I was going to tell you about the cord blood, I just saw a piece on a study at medical college of georgia (using autologus cells, so it doesn’t pertain to us, but anyway) that is using exclusively blood stored at CBR. I don’t think it is necessarily proof that CBR is better than viacord, but something to consider, I guess.

  3. Hola Marce, como estas?. Que bien que Nathan esta estupendo con su papá, y que todo ha sucedido bien, sin problemas. Nathan necesita mucho a su papá, tal vez estaba esperando que Owen lo llevara a la terapia y todo sería distinto. La verdad que con Vicente nos pasa lo mismo, cuando sale con el papá todo anda en orden y conmigo todo al revés!!!.
    Como van las clases de cocina???, hay algo rico ya?. Me imagino que estas muy entusiasmada con las cosas de Belle, que bello te quedará todo para recibir a la princesita!!.
    Te dejo un gran abrazo, y estoy muy feliz que mi niñito podrá terminar con toda la terapia. Vamos Nathan, lo vas a lograr!!!.

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