Update on Nathan

I know this week I haven’t said much about the star of this blog: Nathan. The reason is – I haven’t seen him all week! Owen and Nathan have been in Irvine doing the HBOT and Suit therapy intensive while I’ve been home all week – resting, running errands, catching up with work, decorating the house.

Owen calls me a few times a day and puts Nathan on the phone – he always sounds SOOO happy! Using blabberspeak, he tells me all about his day, he complains when daddy’s not feeding him enough, he coos and aaahhhs after dinner when his belly is full and he’s happy and content.

Every day after therapy, they go to the Irvine Spectrum Mall, where according to Owen Nathan has become a super star. Since they’ve been there almost every day for 3 weeks, most of the people working at the stores, restaurants, the carousel know him and greet him by name. He has a personal chef at Johnny Rockets and California Pizza Kitchen, the carousel people let him ride for free, and the game store people all love hanging out with him while they play games. That little boy wins everyone over wherever he goes!

He managed to fall asleep again while in therapy – this time while George worked on getting him to stand! Unfortunately I have no pictures as Mr. Owen is a slacker. I was reading a support group and they were talking about how exhausting HBOT can be – now imagine combining hbot plus suit therapy plus partying with daddy!

Nathan has completed 31 dives and 44 hours of suit therapy. Owen’s goal is to complete the treatment next week. I’m so glad – I miss my boys!!! Tomorrow they are coming home for the weekend – hallelujah!

I promise to take some pictures/videos over the weekend, since Owen is depriving us all.

In the meantime, you’ll have to put up with me talking about all sorts of random stuff – sorry!!!


  1. I have missed seeing Nathan, so I’m looking forward to some pictures!

    I haven’t heard of suit therapy. I’m off to research right now.

    I’m sure Nathan is the star everywhere he goes. Chloe is much the same, always the center of attention!

    I hope everything keeps going well!

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