I’ve been getting daily updates from Owen on Nathan’s progress.  Owen isn’t very chatty so I don’t get as many details as I’d like…but he does say that Nathan is doing well.  Esther was very pleased at Nathan’s progress and is starting him on a new set of exercises.  He had a difficult time the first 2 days adapting to the exercises, but the last 2 days he did better.  Owen said Nathan is responding well and is doing new things.  I wish I could be more specific but that was all I was able to get out of Owen!

I will be flying to Canada Tues morning (we will be playing musical chairs) so I will give you a more detailed update on Wednesday, including video – I promise!  My pneumonia is almost gone now and I feel much better!  I am still very exhausted in general but at least my lungs feel clear and my tonsillis aren’t like softballs any more.

As much as I’ve missed Nathan and Owen, I’ve had a lovely few days.  It’s the first time in 3 years that I have been home alone!  With every passing day I feel more and more human, I remember more what it’s like to be myself.  I guess when Nathan was born I had to “activate” new neural networks to get by, and in getting by I forgot who I was before being a mother.  Having had almost 2 full weeks off of mommy duty have been a tremendously huge gift – I’ve remembered what I was like before.  It’s nice!

Part of me feels that I should be ashamed for admitting that I have enjoyed having time to myself.  But the other part of me acknowledges what a gift this is.  And ultimately, all of this will make me a better mother to Nathan.  The more happy, relaxed, peaceful I am – the more I can give him.  Instead of giving him mud, I can give him nectar.

I think this doesn’t just apply to SN moms.  I think every mommy should have at least a couple of days off to remember what it was like to just enjoy life – without the responsibility of another human being.  If I had a magic wand, I would appear a babysitting genie for all mothers so we can all have time off for a short while.

Anyways, I promise to give you a more thorough update on Nathan this coming Wednesday!

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