Upside down

That was the picture I received on my phone from Owen today while Nathan, Belle and I were at a Feldenkrais workshop.

The car was totalled. Nobody was injured thank God.

Nathan was supposed to be with them. I still tremble at the thought.

But all’s well that ends well.


  1. OMG!! What happened? Is Owen ok?

  2. ohhh My God Marcela, Thank God everyone is Save

  3. Hi Marcela,

    Wow…so glad Owen is ok…did this happen on the 405 this morning? My husband was 3 minutes behind an accident on the 405 where a vehicle flipped over…

  4. Good Grief!
    Thank God everyone is ok. Cars are easy to replace, people you love, notsomuch.

  5. Gracias a Dios estan todos bien, y Belle y Nathan no estaban a ahí, los angelitos de la guarda si que hacen bien su trabajo, un abrazo grande y que todos se recuperen rapido del susto y del dolor fisico.

  6. wow that looks bad so glad you guys are ok.

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