Vacation in England

Well our vacation was AMAZING. It was the most wonderful time we’ve had in ages.

It started off terrible. Our flights were delayed. We were supposed to leave on Thursday, July 18th at 11 am. However, the flights were delayed so we ended up getting rerouted and we had to stay in the airport and leave at 6:30 directly to London. It was a long flight but Dorje was great, he slept for most of it and played for the rest. We finally made it to London, but then our flight to Manchester was also delayed 6 hours. We finally made it on Friday at 11 pm, only to find that our luggage was missing. In tears, we decided to stay in Manchester for the night and then decide what to do teh next day. in the morning, we headed out to Ulverston hoping that once we got to the festival, we’d be okay, even without our luggage.

Fortunately, we were very lucky, as soon as we got there, someone helped us to find accommodations. Maxine and her family took us in for the 2 weeks. We settled in and then it took a couple of days to buy everything we needed.

Once we were settled, we had the most wonderful time. Dorje was just so happy to have people around him all the time. He was just happy all the time and really enjoyed meeting lots of new people. We meditated in the mornings, rested in the afternoon, had chanted meditations at night. Dorje was so happy through it all, he participated in the meditations and enjoyed everything.

I enjoyed being away from work and the hubub of life and just hanging out with my son. It was lovely. I was able to focus on him and just enjoy him, who he is, his charisma.

He met with my teacher, Venerable Geshe-la. I will write more about that in a different post, but it was the most powerful experience I can remember.

It was all too short. We came back on Thursday. The trip back was long but not bad, Dorje again was wonderful.

There are too many photos to pick from, so go to the photos page can you will find many great pictures.


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