If anyone is wondering whether I will vaccinate Belle (because I know you are all sitting around thinking about things like this ;-), the answer is a clear resounding NO.

Here’s a wonderful post explaining why: Vaccinations.

I WILL give Belle some vaccines – not all – and the ones I give her will be on an alternate, much gentler schedule. Since we are planning on going to Chile in September and Brasil in October this year, I will give her some vaccines to protect her against diseases that she could pick up while travelling – but I will definitely not follow the standard schedule. Here are some links to alternate schedules and other interesting information: Generation Rescue Vaccination Information.


  1. I’d like to get Charlie some vaccination, but like you–not all and on a slower schedule. I need to read those articles you linked to.

  2. For anyone who is evaluating vaccines and risk for autism – this blogger is a good reference. In this post she links some recent developments.

  3. good for you!

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