18 gallons of gas, 2 short 10 min stops, 1 soy latte with sugar-free vanilla and 1 shot of coffee (soy chai latte for Nathan), 2 jack in the box burger and fries, 5.5 hours, and 3 movies later (tinker belle, nightmare before xmas, and lilo & stitch 2), we made it home.

I feel victorious. I feel exhilarated. I feel hopeful.

And here’s the thing. If you asked me – what did Nathan gain this week? It doesn’t look like much. Hands more open. Arms less tight. More flexion, less extension. More interest and ability to play. Nothing major. A couple new words.

But he LOVES it! I can’t tell you how much that little boy loved his lessons. Every time he saw Cheryl, he lit up like the sky on 4th of July. Whenever he got on the table he was happy, ready to learn. It’s like he’s been ready and waiting for 4 years for someone to “unlock” him. He was so hungry to learn.

THIS is a therapy that we can do WITH Nathan, not TO Nathan. And it’s a chance for Nathan to learn and develop on so many levels. And, over time, maybe he’ll improve, maybe he won’t. Frankly, I don’t care. My boy enjoys it. It makes him happy. It gives him a sense of accomplishment. Every time he managed to do something, even the slightest movement, he would look up at me – “Mommy, did you see me? I did it!”

And today, as we were driving home, and we gave Nathan a cup of chocolate almond milk with manuka honey and rice cereal, which he loved, and when it finished, he said “mo mo mo mo mo” over and over, until we gave him another cup – I was thrilled beyond belief. Every penny and effort we’ve spent so far was worth it, for that single moment when my boy could tell me he wanted a 2nd cup of milk. Priceless.

So the million dollar question is – is this IT? Are you going to do anything else?

The answer – YES. I am sticking with my plan. I believe in my plan. It took me 4 years to figure it out. It feels right for Nathan, it feels right for me, it feels right for my family.

Feldenkrais (ABM), ABR, CME, mHBOT, LRI (laser reflex integration), and Gtherapy. This is our combo. This is sustainable for us. This targets everything. These work for Nathan. Sounds like a lot, but it’s not, most are passive and gentle, all work WITH Nathan.

I remember asking my meditation teacher once…will my plane ever take off? Will I ever get off the runway and climb climb climb until I can soar through the limitless sky? And he said…it may feel like you’ve always be on the runway, and that you’ll be on it forever…but trust me, one day you’ll take off, and even lifting your front wheels will feel so glorious, that slight elevation will change your life. And oh, when you soar…

So here we are. Slightly elevated. Just beginning. But we have the right tools on board. So off we go!


  1. This is such an upbeat post and I love it. I’m so happy that Nathan could ask for more milk and honey! That in itself is a HUGE accomplishment. I know how HUGE. We are still waiting for that for Emma and I know it will come all in good time. Glad Nathan’s time is now.

  2. Estoy muy contenta de saber que has encontrado la terapia perfecta para Nathan, es la mezcla de varias y lo mas importante es ver feliz a mi niñito y a toda su familia, les enviamos un gran abrazo y besitos a mis mini gringitos.
    Ahora es tiempo de disfrutar y aprovechar los momentos, que tengan bonitos días, un abrazo

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