Vision Board 2009

Today I created a vision board for the year 2009.

I thought I would share it here.

From 1-1-09

I had an absolutely lovely first day of the year and I hope this year brings many more days like this one. Thank you Farnaz for sharing the idea, time, inspiration, and magazines for this project.

If you haven’t made a vision board before – try it! It’s SO MUCH FUN!

Dylan was sick while we worked on the vision board but last night they had fun celebrating the end of a New Year.

From 1-1-09

I just hope this year brings us and everyone we know so much love, happiness, friendship, and peace, no matter what the circumstances!


  1. EMBelieve says

    Hi Marcela,
    I love your vision board. I have meant to make one for a while but I have not yet.
    Have a great Year!

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