Walking, talking, sitting

Today I realized that so far this year, Nathan has learned to walk, talk, and sit.

Sure, he walks with a walker. But hey, it’s walking! He can go when he wants to go, stop when he wants to stop, and go where he wants to go!

Sure, he talks with a computer. But he is learning to tell us he wants to go to the mall, watch Phineas and Ferb, play simon says, make the cars crash, say “Hey what’s up”, choose what snack he wants, and much more.

Sure, he is just sitting for a few minutes and easily falls and it’s not yet functional sitting. But HE IS SITTING! Honestly I wondered if I’d ever see the day, every time I see him I have to pinch myself!

Sure, he has a long way to go to improve these 3 emerging skills. But he is LEARNING!

So often we focus on what we want, and so little we focus on what we have.

And what I have is a gorgeous happy smart little boy that is starting to walk, talk, sit! In his own adapted way, but hey, I’ll take it and cherish it!

PS I’m having trouble with my PC reading my SD card so pictures coming soon when I fix the problem.


  1. Well done. Exactly said.

  2. Marcela, i feel so happy reading this. this is beautiful! i miss you guys. i’m so happy life is progressing. lots of love to you!

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