I am feeling the itch again…the itch to wander, travel, feel the hot sun on my (fat) bikini clad skin, let down my hair and forget about therapies, todo lists, daily routines.

If I can combine some travelling with HBOT for Nathan? Even better! I found an HBOT chamber in Cartagena, Colombia, the most beautiful beach town I’ve ever been to. I’ve spoken with the doctor and am hoping to hear from him soon about whether they can treat Nathan.

After Nathan’s recent illness and hospitalization, I’ve realized more and more that the most valuable thing that I have in this life is time – time with my happy loving mischievous son, time with him while he is alive, feeling well, not in pain. That hospitalization changed EVERYTHING for me. All of a sudden therapies, achievements, milestones, even inchstones seem much less important, and what matters most of all is his health, happiness, and quality of life.

So why not give him the best quality of life I can offer him? Lots of beach time…lots of fun….lots of fattening unhealthy foods…

I might even squeeze some physical therapy while we are down there…appreciating his life doesn’t mean I’d stop therapies…but it just means that FUN has to be prioritized a whole lot more! And a trip to Colombia sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

Especially because we are starting round 128 and Nathan came down with another cold today….wheezing…dry cough…low grade fever…loss of appetite.

Heat, humidity, beach, fun in the sun….might just be the best medicine out there for Mr. Nathan. We’ll see if I can put it together and pull it off!!!!

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