Wayback Saturday

I ordered Belle’s crib bedding set, and seeing this picture of Nathan reminded me of him in his crib way back when.

Setting up the Bellemobile reminds me of Nathan when he used his bliss blue stokke.

The thing on his head is the external shunt. This reminds me of how far he has come! In this picture he was still in the hospital with a hole in his skull draining out fluid. This was also his first time eating cereal.

And here he is standing so straight and tall!

And his one..well…just because!


  1. Que niƱo bello!! He was & still is a beautiful little man. I can’t wait to see la belleza que va ser Belle:). Happy Valentines Day to u all! Love Maxx, Laura & Marcos

  2. Awwww. . . little Nathan is so cute–so is bigger Nathan! Cute all around.

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