We are home! Wohoo!

We are home! Wohoo!

Today Nathan was discharged from the hospital, after a 23 day stay. He recovered marvelously from his 3rd surgery and is just happy as can be to be home.

Things got a bit rough at the end – they discovered he has CMV and weren’t completely sure there is no more infection. So they discharged him but told us to keep a very close eye on him, and to let them know the minute he starts showing symptons of infection.

As difficult as it was to be at the hospital, it was a very powerful experience. Witnessing Nathan’s strength and spirit was very inspiring, to see him happy and enjoying such adverse circumstances.

Also, we met some wonderful, inspiring people. It was hard to see so many children sick and suffering, but to see their strength and that of their families’ really opened our hearts and helped us see what’s important in life. All of our heart’s were touched and changed from this experience.

We created a page where you can see all of Nathan’s new friends and so you can pray for them too. You can view them here: Special Prayers

As always, we thank you for your support, prayers and for being there for us. We would really appreciate if you also keep these other children and families in your prayers. Thank you so much.

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