We love the wingbo!

Here is a better view of the role of the winbo in our house:

I know I know this goes against what the swing is for…but he LOVES it! It’s his favorite way to be on the wingbo!

And the best thing of it all is…. he’s also being therapized! Swinging is GREAT for vestibular stimulation!

We swing him from side to side, we make him go in circles, we push him backwards and forwards, we make him left up to work on head control, we get him to play with toys…

It’s been the BEST addition to our repertoire thus far!Oh and for all of you observant people…you might’ve seen the big DYNAVOX box in the corner… watch for a few videos and posts about it!


  1. Nathan is so inspiring on his winbgo! I have had many people contact me and refer to his videos and they are hoping that wingbo works for them as well. I was wondering if you woul like to provide us with a testimonial about wingbo. It would be great to have one from somebody who had your experience with it. Let me know what you think and blessings to Nathan and the rest of your family!
    Sheryl Heaphy
    President WingboUSA

  2. You had posted a comment on our son’s blog in regards to HBO – have you done it yet? We will try 40 more dives in a couple of weeks.

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