We met a cool family!

Today we met some friends in Eagle Rock for lunch. At this place, the servers didn’t bring you water so you had to go get it near the counter. Since I drink like a camel, I had to get up several times for a refill.

During one of those times, I noticed a child sitting in a Tomato seat, which was attached to a stroller. Usually, I am very discrete and I have NEVER approached another family of a child with special needs. I never know how people will feel/react, so although I am usually dying to talk to them, I stay quiet.

Today I couldn’t help myself, the sitting device was really cool, so I approached the family. Of course the first thing I said was, “I’m sorry I don’t meant to stare or disturb you, but I noticed the cool seating system and I’d love to know what you’re using. I have a son with special needs too!”. So of course the family relaxed right away and the mom started talking to me about her son.

We only spoke a few minutes, I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt her meal, but in that short time she told me she’d tried stem cell therapy for her son and that it had really helped him. She also gave me her card, which had his website.

Of course, the first thing I did when I got home today was to run to the computer and check out the website. I spent hours reading through Soren’s history, their experiences, and much more. I was so inspired! They have tried many thigns to help Soren, and he has responded so well. I was really impressed by his head and trunk control, you could tell they had all worked very hard to help him develop the ability to hold up his head.

I found out about all sorts of interesting things. Soren also went to UCLA intervention. They’ve also triend IMOT at a center similar to NAPA. They’ve had quite a lot of success with stem cell therapy. They’ve had many fundraisers to help pay for Soren’s therapies and equipment.

I was really inspired to see everything they’ve done and how it has benefitted Soren.

So today I go to bed eager to catch Amy on the phone and to start asking asking asking. Soren is 4 now so they’ve had a few more years of experience than us, so of course I am very interested in learning everything I can! I am excited! Stay tuned to this channel.

This is Soren’s website:


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