We’re back!

Nathan and I made it back from England late last night…mostly in one piece.   Other than a little spill from his wheelchair, everything went FANTASTIC!   We had the most extraordinary time while we were away! 

Our days looked something like this.  Wake up at 8 am.  Breakfast.  Shower and get ready to go.  By 9:30 am we took a 10 min. drive to the meditation center.  Then at 10am we’d have the first teaching.  We were in a room with about 50 other children and families so Nathan was very entertained just by watching everyone.  Other times he got a bit cranky so I used the DVD player so I could listen to the teaching.  Then we’d have lunch at noon.  Then a nap until about 3 pm.  Then snack and then we’d go to the 2nd teaching.  Then after that, we’d have dinner, and hang out with friends.  At 8:30 we’d have a prayer session, then we’d get back home at about 9:30 and in bed by 10pm.  It was so wonderful!  Nathan enjoyed this rhythm and I loved being immersed in a spiritual environment. 

It was the first time that I was by myself with Nathan for more than a couple of days.  At first I was afraid, terrified really.  Can I take care of  him on my own?  Can I carry him, bathe him, feed him, change him, every day and night, for 14 days?  I wasn’t sure I could do it but guess what – it went so well!!!  I was able to not only do all of those things for him, but I also did everything that I thought was important to do, including his Medek, giving him his medicine, and everything else.  Last year we went to England and it was a disaster – I wasn’t able to take care of him.  But this year I must be stronger because I was able to.  So this is the most important experience that I am bringing him – the confidence that I can take great care of him for an extended period of time.

So all is good in Nathan Dorje land! 

And guess what…tommorrow he turns 3 years old! Can you believe it!  I’ll write a longer birthday post tommorrow.

Thanks for checking in on us!

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