We’re back!

I’ve been inspired by Ellen, Max’s mom, Kate, Gavin’s mom, and Sonia, Rocio’s mom to continue blogging frequently.   I stop by their blogs as frequently as I can and really enjoy reading about their lives.  I find their posts informative, uplifting, entertaining and inspiring. 

So I’ve decided to continue blogging every day.  Instead of blogging at night, I’m going to make a few minutes during the afternoon to blog so I don’t get stuck on the computer too long at night.

I especially love how Kate just writes about her day.  She writes about just little things that happen in her life.  So I thought – why not?    Maybe the people who read this blog would like to hear about our daily lives. 

So hopefully I’ll start writing a daily update.  Instead of writing long intense posts I hope to write just short chatty posts.

In the meantime, I’ve heard so many moms raving about Anat Baniel Method that I am talking to an ABM practitioner in San Diego so she can see Nathan.  She sounds really lovely.  While I’m down there seeing her, I’m hoping to set up some osteopathy appointments as well with Dr. Viola Fryman.  I’m all for gentle, non-invasive therapies these days, and both of these fit the bill.

Tommorrow we see Dr. Kenny again – I am so excited!   She’s going to muscle test Nathan for different therapy methods.  I never thought of this, but she told me about it last week.  We can actually muscle test him for different things we want to do for him to see if his body would react positively to them.  That’s how we figured out which supplements he needed, and that’s why today he is healthy.  So we’re going to test him for a lot of ideas I have, for example – G-therapy, biofeedback, HBOT, Reike, etc.  I won’t share the whole list today, I’ll share it tommorrow after we see Dr. Kenny.

Remind me to talk about discipline in the next couple of days.  Someone in this house desperately needs some of that.  But I don’t want to spill all my beans in one day/post – so stop by tommorrow!  It’s good to be back!


  1. So glad to have you back—more Marcela is a wonderful thing! I am glad you enjoy my blog, it’s very mutual.

  2. Our friend Cole told me Anat Baniel Method hurt much less then other PT he has had in the past. (He’s 11).

  3. Marcela,

    I’m glad you decided to blog more often. I’m not commenting too often. But I DO ENJOY your blog and read it almost every day!

    Gala 🙂

  4. Wow, thanks, Marcela!!!
    I like this new bloggin style 🙂

    BTW, thank you so much for that info on yoga, I’ve already found a teacher so I can rest in only 20 minutes!! I REALLY appreciate it 🙂

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