We’re Here

After a VERY long and awful flight with a miserable teething Belle, we made it to NYC yesterday. After 6 hours of Belle screaming, we rented a car and had to drive through the middle of Manhattan. It was terrifying but we made it!

Today we spent the day chilling. We were dying to go out and see friends, but both kids were tired and still recuperating and Martha and I were trashed so we decided to spend the day in the hotel room chilling.

Tomorrow we start the testing at Rutgers University. For those wondering, we came to the East Coast for a neurocognitive assessment at Rutgers University. We are super excited to take Nathan back and see the team at Rutgers, as well as to see how his cognition has evolved in the last 2.5 years.

Okay my friends, we are heading to bed, hope everyone had a great weekend. Oh, and here are a couple of pics of our winter gear…boy am I glad I don’t live in cold weather, the putting on and taking off of kid’s gear would drive me nuts!

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