We’re in Santiago

Hi everyone! I hope you haven’t missed us too much 🙂

We made it to Santiago without a hitch thanks to the wonderful Mary! You heard me right! At the last minute Mary was able to come with us and has been wonderfully helpful! Nathan was a doll during the trip and has been brimming with excitement.

We got here Sunday morning and rested and then in the afternoon we got to meet Mama Terapeuta and Rocio! We went to her birthday party and also got to meet many of her friends! They are as lovely as they appear on their blog! Nathan was super excited to be out at a party on his first day in South America.

And now for the bad news. I forgot my camera 🙁 Otherwise I could share some videos of Nathan’s first 2 days of Medek with Ramon. He is doing AMAZING! He hasn’t forgotten anything he learned and is starting at a better place. He is responding well to the exercises and is actually making an effort instead of complaining for the sake of complaining! I have felt so proud watching him make an effort and trying to keep a happy mind while working hard. I have so much hope and excitement for what we will see after Nathan works with Ramon for several weeks.

We have a ton of things planned for the next few days and are really excited. Tomorrow we are moving to a new apt as the one we’re in is a bit too far from Ramon’s office. We also found a preschool that is willing to take Nathan in the afternoons after his Medek, so he can have some interaction and involvement with other children. We also found a pool where we can take him every day. We also have a few outings planned with other families here in Chile! We are so excited!

The only drawbacks are: We miss Owen, and I have CONSTANT morning sickness. It starts in the middle of the night and stays with me till about 5pm. It’s hard to function! Fortunately Mary has been helping and we are trying to find someone to help me when Mary leaves on Friday.

Here are some pictures from Rocio’s birthday party that I grabbed from Sonia’s FaceBook!


  1. Glad to hear he’s doing so well there! I’m jealous of your getaway, but not of your morning sickness! ;O)

  2. Laura Matos says

    Yay!!! So happy to hear you guys are ok and settling in. Especially happy to hear that Mr. Nathan is doing great! Have some ginger tea for the morning sickness. When I was pregnant with Maxx that is the only thing that helped me.
    hugs to you both.
    love laura maxx and marcos

  3. I can’t wait to hear MORE!!
    Please call when you can.
    I am happy to hear you guys are doing well.
    But, I am sorry to hear you’re suffering with morning sickness. I had it all day with all 3 girls. Eating crappy food helped me:)
    Hugs,and love

  4. Jelou there! i’m glad you found us lovely cuz you’re stuck with us form some time 😀
    I must say you are much more ‘calmed’ that I imagine 😀

    Glad Nathan enjoy the party! 😀

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