We’re in Thailand!

Today we are in Bangkok, Thailand! We arrived last night. Boy, is this different from Singapore. Singapore felt very western, everything was clean, organized. Owen described it as flying around in a circle over LA burning fuel and then landing again – that’s what it felt like. Except it had a nice river in the middle. Other than that, we didn’t really feel like we left LA.

Thailand is completely different. We arrived last night and it is very busy here, it’s a large city but it’s very poor and disorganized.

Little Dorje loves it though, he loves anything with lots of people. Today we got to see a little bit of Bangkok. We visited the Royal Palace and he had an entire group of school girls, probably in ther late teens, flirting with him. We also went to two Buddhist temples and saw some AMAZING statues of Buddhas and Thai art.

The people here are very kind and friendly. They’ve been very helpful to us. Wherever we go, people smile and engage him, and he rewards them with a big smile. It’s been freaky though because everyone touches him, so of course I am thinking – GERMS. But so far he is healthy and happy as can be.

So that’s our brief update. In the meantime, here are some pics of Dorje in Singapore:


And here’s a preview:

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