We’ve got internet!

Now we can properly chronicle our Chilean adventures. Yesterday we moved to a new apartment! The one we were originally in was too far from Ramon’s office, too noisy, and too small. We chose it because it was supposed to have a heated pool..well, guess what? It was FREEZING! So we complained to the agency and we found a new apartment. WE LOVE IT! The new apartment is much bigger and much more homey. It’s closer to Ramon and there is a mall, a supermarket, and a few more stores right across the street from us. There’s also a preschool that Nathan will be going to in the afternoons just across the street! And most importantly, we are much closer to MamaTerapeuta and Rocio 🙂

Now for the most important topic – How is Nathan? Mr. Nathan is blowing me away with how well he is doing. He is doing the Medek sessions without crying! He is working hard and doing exercises that there was just no way he could do the last time we saw Ramon. Today he did his first aerial standing where he stayed up by the ankles and a little support to the head for quite a few seconds! Ramon has been VERY pleased with his progress. I must say that I have been moved to tears watching Ramon work with Nathan. He is just INCREDIBLE. He is able to get more out of Nathan than even I thought possible. But where sometimes I am cloudy, Ramon sees potential, and when you can see potential, you can elicit that response, which Ramon is doing for Nathan.

Other than Medek, Nathan’s been HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! He LOVES adventures and is loving being in a new country. He is playing more with his toys, eating well, sleeping well (mostly), and in general is at his best.

My camera should be arriving soon and I’ll do my best to get pictures up as quickly as possible!


  1. How Wonderful!!!! Oh Marcela I am so happy to hear how well our little man is doing!!! This is going to be a marvelous thing for Nathan. Glad to see you back online. Can’t wait for the pix.
    love to you all

  2. Cybell Díaz says

    Marcela y Nathan,hola!!! me parece fantastico que estén en mi país,hace un tiempo que los sigo y siento que la vida de Nathan es un milagro,tengo una hermosa hija,Catalina Isidora ,de 4 años y estoy segura que le encantará conocer a Nathan,sé que estarán en el asado abr y nos podremos ver,me interesa mucho saber el sistema MEDEK ,si te interesa cuenta con mi cámara fotográfica y grabadora mientras llega la tuya.espero que tu estadia sea muy positiva,cariños,Cybell.

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