What a day

Today was one of those days. I couldn’t stop asking myself, really? Seriously?

Nathan’s nurse who has been an amazing friend and support, quit today. It was devastating to hear; I was reeling. Nathan and Izzy love her so much, it will be hard for them to have her gone. Fortunately Nathan’s previous wonderful nurse, Mary, is available to work so she will be starting tomorrow.

Today we introduced Gateway 20 on the Dynavox to Nathan. It allows him to start creating sentences. He picked it up immediately. He started saying, “I want chocoloate” and “I want to watch TV” and “I want to play guns”. I am excited to watch him take off with this new setup. I’ll post a video soon.

I interviewed a new nurse today, so we will have someone to go to school with Nathan. I liked him very much. I hope he is able to start right away, the agency has to get everything settled.

Short and sweet. More tomorrow.

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