What I’m reading

I figured it’d be fun to post every once in a while books that I am reading or going to read. These are the books staring at me on my “to be read” pile on my desk:

Disability is Natural
Why do music conductors live into their 90’s
Breaking the Vicious Cycle
Body Ecology Diet
Healing and Preventing Autism
Becoming Vegan
You are your child’s first teacher
Allergies & Candida
The genius of play
The complete book of Grant Writing
Waldorf Education
How to muscle test
The effective executive in Action

As for enjoyment books, I am currently out. I finished reading everything Diana Gabaldon wrote and am now desperately sad and in need of more good fiction books to read. Any suggestions?


  1. I suggest books by Phillipa Gregory. She writes some great historical fiction books. Try The Other Boelyn Girl to start.

  2. i cannot upload your flashplayer videos –

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