What is HBOT in 1 paragraph

I got this definition from NeuroHbot Yahoo group:

You do HBOT to open new passageways for the delivery of
oxygen to damaged neurons or to neurons which are not getting proper
deliver of red blood cells meaning the neurons are not getting the
proper mmHemiglobin delivery. By raising the saturation levels and
repeating treatments, capillary growth begins so the needed area can
constantly receive the needed oxygen to once again begin operating
properly. This may include the development of new neurons and/or the
revival of existing neurons in the brain. Either way, this is what you
want if you are to see improvement in the neurological conditions.
HBOT is the only way to achieve this. HBOT is the method used to create
a saturation percentage level sufficient to cause this to happen. It
must happen so the delivery of oxygen will be on a permanent basis.

This was written by Robert Hartsoe, the owner of Miracle Mountain.

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