What it takes

My mom sent me this by email, and I thought I should share it here, as I think it’s great advice for everyone I know!

What it takes

Don’t let the difficulties get you down. Let them get you going.
Seize each opportunity to grow stronger and more purposeful. Discover again and again how good it feels to be confident and effective.
The challenges may indeed be great. With your dynamic resourcefulness, your creativity, your focus and persistence, you are greater than any challenge.
You can make a difference now. You can keep doing so for as long as necessary, until your goal is reached.
Feel the unshakable confidence that comes from successfully navigating through a difficult situation. Feel the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve lifted the world higher through your efforts.
You have what it takes to do what you must. This is your moment to truly shine.

And another one:

Just because you seem to be at a disadvantage is no reason to give up. Instead, resolve to push forward with consistent, focused effort.
Those who achieve are not necessarily the smartest, or the wealthiest, or the best connected. Those who achieve are those who are the most persistent.
Your level of commitment over the long term is a much bigger factor than any relative advantages or disadvantages that may exist when you first start. Choose where you would like to go, and keep making the effort until you get there.
Be willing to do what it takes, and you can achieve whatever you wish. Instead of worrying about where you are when you begin, put your energy into making steady progress.
If you can take one step and then another, you’ll get where you choose to go. So take the first step right now, and then begin working on the next one.
You owe it to yourself to live life at its best. Now is your opportunity to make that life happen.

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