What was I thinking?

I leave for Chile on Saturday. Yes, that’s in 3 days. 2, really, since we’re leaving in the AM. Which leaves me with Thursday and Friday to get ready. Oh wait. I’m busy all day Thursday and Friday. I brilliantly decided to take a BodyTalk class on Thurs and Fri. Then I leave on Saturday. And of course, if you know me, you know I haven’t even started thinking about packing and everything else. Combine permanent morning sickness to all this? Lunacy.

Nathan, on the other hand, continues to be happy as always. I realized today that stopping all traditional therapies has been a wonderful gift to him (and to our family). Not because the therapists weren’t wonderful or because he didn’t benefit from them – he did – but because we have so much more peace in our life and schedule. I didn’t realize how stressful it was to have your life revolve around daily appointments!

Nathan is really thriving from the Waldorf rhythm that we (Tischia) have continued to implement. ANd he continues to improve physically! He is spending more time on his back and is gaining much better movement and control in his pelvis, which I’m hoping will lead to rolling, which I’m hoping will lead to more movements!

But since I’m only writing this to procrastinate from all of the things I should be doing, I think I should leave you with that thought 🙂


  1. Travel safe. Take good care and keep us posted!

  2. Silly!! Go Pack:) Have a safe trip.

  3. have a safe trip ! I will look forward to your posts from Chile. And congrats on baby #2 !

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