What’s cooking

Other than soggy vegetables and water logged brown rice – a whole bunch of stuff! These are the fruits of my labor this week:

* Nathan fell off his bed again last night. Just 2 days ago Owen was complaining about the bed rails I set up on his new bed. “Why do we need those, they’re so ugly, they’re uncomfortable, he doesn’t need them, he doesn’t move, you’re so paranoid, wah wah wah.” So last night he put Nathan to bed and didn’t put the rails up. At 2 AM I hear this loud THUNK and then WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH. So my huge belly and I ran to Nathan’s room. I could hear him crying, but I didn’t have my contacts in, so I couldn’t find him on his bed. Finally I found him on the floor pushed against the wall! The moment I picked him up he was okay so I don’t think he got hurt, and then he went right to sleep so I am sure he was fine. You better believe I woke Owen right up to emphasize how important it is for him to do as I say! I love it when I’m proven right – except I wish Nathan didn’t have to get hurt to prove it! LOL. He was okay though – no harm, no foul.

* Nathan is getting his Dynavox! After months of dealing with insurance and being disappointed, and keeping an eye on Craigslist, I found a used Vmax for an incredible price. The lady had just sold it when I called her, but today she called me back and said the other party backed out so we could have it. We should get it in a few days time!

* Today I picked a provider for ABA therapy. In California, after a child turns 3 year old, they no longer qualify for early intervention services. But if a child has a qualifying diagnosis, they continue to receive certain services through Regional Center. The main service Regional Center offers at this stage is ABA therapy (Applied Behavioral Analysis). This therapy is typically used for kids with autism or behavioral problems, but can also be used for kids with Cerebral Palsy. After calling about 20 agencies and talking to a lot of people, we picked an agency called Wellspring to become the service provider. I’ll talk more about this next week when I have a better idea of how it works.

* Now that Nathan is back and we’re planning on staying put for a while, I’m getting Nathan’s therapy schedule organized again. The main therapy will be Anat Baniel Method, which he will receive with a practitioner every day. Twice a week he will see a Rolfing practitioner, once a week hippotherapy, twice a week aquatic therapy. Once I find someone to do it, we will also start a CME home program. Finally, I ordered a cannula and will get him back to his daily HBOT dives at home.

* We’re one step closer to a “routine” at home. This week was Nathan’s first week back on his supplement regime. He already looks better – his cheeks are rosier and he seems to have more energy. Next week we’re starting B12 shots – I’m curious to see if they will help.

* Therapies I’m looking into: Masgutova method, Low Level Laser Therapy, Exercise with Oxygen therapy, and Whole Body Vibration therapy. I’ll write a post on each of them next week. This week turned out to be very informative, next week I’ll talk more about all of these things!

I don’t even know where time went this past week. Every hour seemed to mold into the next and the next. The difference between having Nathan here and having him away is amazing. The couple of weeks that I was home without Nathan were very different – I owned my time, did what I wanted when I wanted, relaxed. Having Nathan home is so different – more intense, more emotions, more living. It’s the difference between “existing” and “living”. Yes, having Nathan home meant having a little break down and being really busy and not being able to stop…but it also meant incredible joy and laughter and happiness.

Tomorrow – we’re off to have his Hart Walker adjusted (he’s grown so much) and then to Disneyland!


  1. Glad to hear that Nathan didn’t really get hurt when he fell off his bed 🙂 Have fun in Disneyland!

  2. Marcela,

    I am very interested to hear how to use ABA with Nathan. I used to do ABA with a young child with autism, and we did see some results. Although, some aren’t fond of ABA, and believe other methods should be used, as well. However, I don’t see this being a problem with Nathan, since he is involved in other programs. I am very curious, so please post some more info! Happy Birthday to Nathan! 🙂

    P.S.- Thanks for the comment on my blog. It made me feel good!

  3. Falling out of bed…again….not that I am glad for the abrupt and scarey landing–its the “again” part that makes me smile.

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