What’s in a day

1:32 am – feed Belle & change diaper
2:45 am – feed Belle & change diaper
3 am – walk and pat Belle to sleep
5 :15 am – feed Belle & change diaper
6:33 am – wake up Owen to tell him Nathan is awake (so he can get him ready for school and put him on the bus), feed Belle, change diaper, burp her, pat her to sleep
7:45 am – the alarm goes off…there is no way I can drag this carcass out of bed
8 :06 am – I have to get out of bed….come on marcela you can do it…aaaarougha;alsdkfjasld)$*&
8:09 am – feed Belle, change diaper, burp her
8:13 am – shower, change, get dressed
8:16 am – get Belle in the car with all her gear
8:22 am – Venti Soy Latte with Sugar Free Vanilla at Starbucks
9:12 am – at Dr. Kenny’s with Belle to work on her digestive issues – reflux, gas, lots of tummy pain
9:15 – 10 am – at Dr. Kenny’s doing NVD with Belle and learning points and checking her for allergies and other issues
10 – 10:45 am – drive home
10:45 am – 11:15 feed Belle, change diaper, burp her, walk her to sleep
11:15 – 12:20 – talk to Nancy Clegg from the Carter Centers regarding evaluation of Nathan’s MRI (more on this later)
12:20 – 1pm – drive to Victoria’s house for Nathan’s ABM therapy
1 – 2 pm – ABM with Nathan while taking care of Belle
2 – 2:30 – drive from Victoria’s house to my grandma’s house so she can come and hang out with us at our house
2:33 – answer phone call from Nathan’s therapist wondering where he is as she is waiting for us at our house
2:35 pm – book it home while talking to the therapist on the phone
3 pm – working with Nathan and the therapist on the Dynavox – he did great! He is really “getting it” and navigating the dynavox splendidly (I finally got a few pages programmed).
** throughout all these things there’s been Belle feedings and diaperings and burpings
3:30 – floor time with Nathan while he plays with tuning forks and rips paper and practices turning
4 pm onwards – errands & visit to the mall to get pajamas for Belle who has outgrown all of her newborn pajamas (!!!!) while Nathan has daddy time
9:30 pm – wind down while blogging 🙂


  1. See – looks like you’ve found a way to make sure you aren’t too focused on Nathan getting everything handed to him. Congrats on accomplishing so much! I’m impressed.

  2. martha Shepherd says

    It seems Dona Belle is dynamite! I bet she skips some feedings during the day.But what do you expect, her Mom never stops so she is trying to keep up with you. Just Kidding You!I would almost fall asleep walking, forgot my name etc. It’s amazing we can survive! Love Martha

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