What’s in your water?

I found this article fascinating and essential to bring up:

Clean Water Laws Are Neglected, at a Cost in Suffering

I’ve long known that water is a huge issue for health. Consequently we only drink alkaline water from a water ionizer. We also have several sets of pre-filters to make sure we are filtering out as much junk as possible.

I’ve had a secret fear for a very long time that it was drinking bad water that caused Nathan’s brain malformation. Can I prove it? No way. But it’s a feeling I’ve had so I’m very careful with the water I drink.

Water Ionizers can be expensive and out of many people’s reach. However, a Reverse Osmosis system can be more affordable. If you use an RO system, just make sure you use a remineralizing filter so you get minerals back in your water. Bottled water is a disaster – it is dead water (no minerals) and very acidic. If you can, get pH testing drops so you can test the pH of the water you drink. It should be at least neutral if not alkaline.

I’m going to try to get a friend to do a guest post on water as she is much more informed, but I just wanted to bring up this issue and point to the Times article as you could be poisoning yourself and your children if you are getting bad municipal water. And if you’re diligently drinking bottled water and thinking you’re safe, do some research! Bottled water isn’t so great either!


  1. I hope Papa Terapeuta read this post, I’ve been asking for a Reverse osmosis system for several months now! 🙂

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