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It’s been quiet around here these days. Did we lose everyone during our vacation? If you are still here, say YO!

We’ve been busy little bees here at the Andrew house in Canyon Country.

Nathan is going to preschool! In the bus! He loves it! Every day the teacher tells me of new things he’s doing and how amazed she is by him. We are still trying to figure out what the best class will be for him, but check this out – his teacher has stopped by our house TWICE in the last few days to check in with me and let me know how Nathan is doing. She seems genuinely interested in his well-being so I am starting to put the mommy claws away and trusting that she has his best interest at heart. She told me today that they had him in a stander and he made choices with his hand, responding to a command to choose horse, cow, and other objects. He also did amazing at communicating with eye gaze. So as much as I resisted sending him to the local state preschool, I’m finding that sometimes when you let go a little and give up control, you find beautiful blessings just waiting to embrace you.

In other news: Nathan is now lined up for hippotherapy and aquatic therapy. I’m also thinking of having him start special needs yoga again. He will also be starting with a Rolfing practitioner this week.

And more exciting: He is going to have an Anat Baniel Method intensive next week! We found a local practitioner who is a mom of a child with special needs who learned the method. She is only about 30 min’s away! So next week Nathan will see her every day after school to see if ABM can be helpful to him.

We are also getting ourselves into the routine of doing an hour of ABR and an hour of CME every day. Things are falling into place for my little Munchkin!

Oh and tomorrow I have an appointment with the high risk perinatologist here in LA to take a look at Belle – I am excited and a bit nervous – throw a prayer up for us please!!!!

Hasta manana!


  1. Glad to hear things are going well in the school setting. Cody was supposed to have an IFSP meeting today with our 0-3 program but we are in the middle of a bad ice storm here in Iowa. I am so freaked out about “school” we live in a tiny community and our school system has never worked with kids that have needs like Cody’s. I bounce around thinking that I will just keep him home, then in the next breath I think that being amongst his peers will be best…..ugghh.

    Anxious to see what ABM does for Nathan. I’ve studied it a little and it seems so promising….

    Still here praying for your sweet boy!!!

    Laura G

  2. We do Feldenkrais with Charlie and I think it helps him learn new movements. I’m also thrilled that you’re experimenting with ABR again. We’ve only ever done about 90 minutes a day and I’ve seen nothing but great results from it.

    Good luck at your appointment!

  3. Bridget Balogh says

    So glad that school has gotten off to a good start for Nathan! I also had my reservations in the beginning, especially about the busing, but it has been wonderful for Jack. He’s been going for almost 2 years now and he is known and loved by everyone there. His school PT is even coming over to swim with him in the hot tub tomorrow. Isn’t it nice when a situation exceeds expectations?

  4. Que bien que todo esta tomando su ritmo!!, y que alegría que de saber que existen personas que quieren ayudar para hacer feliz a mi niñito!!!, que alegre estoy. Todo va a resultar bien!!, yo rezaré por ustedes y hoy en especial por Belle para que la encuetren estupenda!!!

  5. Hey Marcela,
    I know its been ages since I e mailed you guys. Things have been super hectic here as its summer holidays so our older 2 girls have been off school and very demanding of my time!!Billee had a feeding button put in, started the ketogenic diet and more recently had a burn around her peg site due to the removel of a skin tag going wrong! Due to all of this our AIAHP and ABR has severely suffered! We go on holiday next week just for 8 days and when we get back we are back on track! Billee is doing well otherwise. She is very alert and responsive and healthier now she is properly hydrated! I’m sorry to hear Belle may have Downs but I agree with every thing you have said about this. She is a beautiful little person and if any one can help a baby with special needs its you hun! I will pray for Belle and also for Nathan and his head control. Speak soon. Love & Hugs Kerri

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