Where’s Jack?

Whoever can find 2 pictures of Captain Jack Sparrow in the pictures below will win…a surprise!

And yes, I’m totally over the MRI experience yesterday. The chloral hydrate finally kicked in at about 8pm and Nathan passed out like a rock. He fell asleep on his way to the park with the dogs and Owen had to stay in the car while the dogs walked themselves because he was so passed out!

The pics are from our Sunday afternoon at Disney – it was fun!


  1. These are adorable pictures! Sorry about disappointing MRI experience, glad it was followed by this clearly cheerful Disney trip!

  2. I am looking for a good tray to use with Fletcher’s child rite. Where did you get the green one? Does it work as well as it seems to be working in the pics?

    Smooches to Nathan.

  3. ok I found them lol What is my prize lol. He looks like he had soooo much fun. I wish we could go. Lots of love to you all.

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