Who says…

…being sick means you can’t have some fun?


  1. Hi there.. Hopefully Nathan will fully recover soon..
    He’s sooo handsome!!

    Actually I’m a mother to a holoprosencephaly baby too.. I found your blog through holoprosencephaly.net

    It feels good to find someone of the same shoes.


    Nice meeting you..

  2. I’ve always wanted to do that with Ryland, he loves going fast and loves having the windows rolled down as we drive. I know if he could go on a roller coaters he would have fun. The faster the better with him.lol He loves when we are out for walks and a motorcycle goes by be gets all excited.
    HoPE Nathan is feeling better soon. Ryland wasn’t feeeling good but started on antibotices and was better within a couple days, he’s been doing pretty good with all the crap going around here.

  3. I’ve always thought that laughter is the best medicine!!!!!

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