Why fight?

Sarah, Allison Kate’s mom, wrote 2 wonderful blog posts that I wanted to share:

Visit AllisonKate.org to read them.

It also made me think…why do we fight for Nathan? Why are we always running around the city, country, world, trying to find him the best possible treatments? Why do we work night and day to do our best to make ends meet while paying for all of these expensive bills?

Like Sarah says, it’s a valid question. Why not just let him be? Why not consider the poor quality of his life and just go with the flow?

It’s a question I’ve asked myself very often. You gotta wonder about it, when you’re very ill with pneumonia and about to get on a plane to fly to the other end of the country.

And my answer is… I just can’t do it any other way. I see Nathan with his eyes bright and shining, with a huge smile in his face, looking at his friends and indicating with every fiber of his being how much he wants to go and play with them…and I can’t give up on him. I just can’t.

I think he is in this world to show a different way of life. To show an example of joy and happiness in the most, and I mean most, adverse conditions. I think he is in this world to show that with a strong spirit, courage and determination, so many things can be achieved. I think he is in this world to show that we do not have to think, act, and be like everyone else to be joyful, to feel special, to bring happiness to other people’s lives.

Nathan is my teacher. He has taught me so much. And while he is willing, I am willing. As far as he wants to go.

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