Why he loves his preschool

I’ve been ranting about Nathan’s preschool but I figured I’d share a little bit about WHY he loves it.

1. His teacher, Tia Paola, is wonderful. She cares a lot about him and is doing her very best to meet his needs. I can already tell that he has developed a rapport with her and really loves her!

2. The kids in the class accept him. They look forward to him arriving at the school and they seem to integrate well with him.

3. He gets to do lots of art projects and to do things with his hands. Whatever the other kids do, Tia Paola helps him do as well. She mentioned that he’s opening his hands more so they’ve been trying to get him to use his hands with more coordination. For example, today they had him pull things out of a container. She told me he was doing it very conscientiously. He would look, reach, and grab things. So he is integrated with the other children and using his hands and body to learn.

4. Everyone at the school is lovely! All of the Tias (as they call them here) are very kind and they all look out for him. The other kids from the other class are sweet to him too so basically he is surrounded by sweet, kind people.

5. The school is very organized and they have a lot of projects and things for the kids to do. All of the kids seem happy and everytime I show up to drop off or pick up Nathan, they are having fun.

It seems that the universe attracted Nathan to the very best place for him to have his first preschool experience! I couldn’t ask for anything better!

Here are a few pictures:

The last one is with his nanny, Denise, who is WONDERFUL.


  1. ¡¡¡se ve tán lindo con sus compañeritos!!!! coincido sin dudar que Nathan atrae al universo!!!!

  2. we have to take pictures of Nathan and Rocio with their uniforms 😀

    I’m SO happy you both like this preschool, to me it has the perfect atmosphere!!!!! For Rocio, the kids scream her name every day when she arrived for at least a year!!! Even one day she did’nt got and they did a ‘toma’, they would ask for her and do nothing else, hehe.

    And Denisse looks so kind and already in love with Nathan 😀

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