Why I love Ramon Cuevas

I’ve talked a lot about CME, Ramon’s therapy program, but today I thought I’d talk about why Ramon blows me away. Let me start with this video:

Now let me list the reasons why I think Nathan is in the best hands possible:

* he is always very positive. He believes his state of mind affects the kids he works with, so he makes sure to maintain a positive mind.
* he is very intuitive. he follows his intuition and sometimes chooses exercises that don’t make logical sense, but because of his attention to his intuition, he tries them and most often it was the right decision!
* if an exercise doesn’t work, he alters it and finds a way to achieve the desired response.
* he invests in the future. he chooses exercises that leave “seeds” in Nathan’s brain so that in the future, it’ll be easy for some exercises to work since he’s already laid the foundation. for ex, he does walking exercises with Nathan, which is obviously an investment since he’s not close to walking now.
* he is soooo good at what he does! watching him work is like watching an artist.
* his goal is to “pass on the message” to Nathan’s brian. he is not looking for results. he is looking for the brain to create a connection. this way, if an exercise doesn’t work out as planned, it’s okay – he passed on the message!
* he always looks at things from a positive angle. for ex, if Nathan didn’t fully stand in aerial, Ramon’s comment would be, “Wow, he did about 50%, how wonderful!”. He doesnt’ get upset and doesn’t force a result, he sees every inchstone as part of the process.
* he works Nathan from head to toes. in every session he works on Nathan’s head, trunk, legs, knees, ankles, hips, arms, etc.

All in all, not only is Ramon’s method magnificent, I also believe that his attitude, vitality, and energy contribute to the success of his treatment.

Why am I talking about Ramon this way? Not because I think everyone needs to bring their child to Ramon. Mainly because I think it’s important to choose a physical therapist that has all the right skills to help your child! Sometimes we settle for whoever EI sends us. I think it’s important to be picky and find the best possible PT, as our children are affected not just by what they do, but also by what the therapist thinks, the exercises he chooses, what the therapist believes about your child, etc. Sometimes it’s hard to rock the boat and search for another therapist, but if you’re not truly happy with your PT, it’s probably worth changing!!!


  1. i agree – nathan is in the best possible hands.

    He looks amazing ariel standing!
    I must confess that I am jealous of his standing ability (but I’m so very happy for you). I really need to get over my jealousy. I’ll work on that in 2010. Along with a more positive attitude, and an ability to appreciate what I do have with Suzy, and not longing for what I don’t. heehee

  2. Whit – I know it’s so hard! I want Nathan to progress so bad that sometimes I get so jealous when I see other kids doing things that I can only dream of Nathan doing. We’ll work on it together in 2010!!!

  3. Hi Marcela,
    My name is Maria and I found your site as I was doing research on HPE. My son (Seamus, 17 months) was recently diagnosed with HPE and a few other congenital brain malformations. Anyway I am so glad I found you and particularly this post! I am also really impressed with the research and therapies that you have found for your son and would love to pick your brain if you would be willing!! I am also really impressed with Medek and was wondering where is he based out of. You have a gorgeous little boy! thank you for posting and congrats your new baby <3

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