Winds of change

Today was our 2nd day with the Australian Institutes for the Achivement of Human Potential people. I can’t say enough how thoroghly and completely impressed I am with them. Today I am exhausted and have an early morning tommorrow, so I won’t say too much, but I will tell you that things are about to change for us.

The first, and most important thing, is the FLOOR. Nathan is not allowed to be anywhere but on the floor on his belly unless he’s eating, bathing, or in therapy. The rest of the time, on his belly, on the floor. Period.

Today I almost had a nervous breakdown as they forced me to put him down and of course he screamed and screamed. But they believe this will be to his benefit. I told them what the lady from told me, that he shouldn’t be stressed, but they said that’s BS. THey have worked with thousands of kids, and many of them cry, but eventually, they figure it out and stop. And he’s not going to improve unless he’s on his belly. And in the long run this is what he needs, it is more to his advantage for us to let him cry for a few days or weeks but eventually he will get head control and learn to move, than to keep him from crying, hold him all day, and he doesn’t get head control or mobility.

So on the floor he goes.

It will require a SERIOUS paradigm shift for me as I don’t handle Nathan crying very well. But it is time. Chad is a psychologist so he really helped me to understand the importance of this and gave me some great SELF CARE tips. He said that for this to work I have to make sure my cup is full! More on that later. I could write a book from everything that’s happened in the last 3 days.

But I will just say that Nathan has a new program, that he will be on the floor when he’s not in program or in therapy, and that his new protocol will include all sorts of great things including ABR, Hyperbarics, AIAHP, and Napa.

For now, bed…more tommorrow or the day after.

Thanks for checking in! And if you’re reading this and have sent me an email or comment lately, I am so sorry so much has gone on I haven’t had time for emails this week, but I promise that I will reply back in the next few days. I love you all and I am so happy to be sharing this journey with wonderful people!

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