Well lately I am running out of things to say. Life has settled down considerably so I don’t have much to report. Today was a rough rough day with the Medek exercises. Nathan is outraged that we are doing these at home and didn’t want to cooperate at all. But thanks to the encouragement of Lourdes’ parents and family and of a few wonderful parents, we are pushing forwards. Largely thanks to Mary who is just determined to make this work for Nathan. I had to back away but she worked through his screams. I need a lot of prayer and meditation to get me centered enough to handle it. But I will get there – no doubt about it.

Anyways, I figured I’d use my lack of new things to report to talk about the Wingbo:

It’s a prone swing. The child lies on their belly and can swing. If they are little it can hang in a sort of little gym type thingie, but if they’re older it can hang from a tree or doorway or something. I love the idea because we could put Nathan on his belly and get him to raise his head to strengthen his back and neck while swinging. We’re working on a little grant to be able to order it so I hope it works out so we can get this for Nathan!

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