Yes! It is!

So in my previous post I mentioned that we had found a new doctor who believed many of Nathan’s health and immune issues had to do with a B6 deficiency. I wondered if this could’ve been the missing link. Well, guess what – I think it is!

We went back to see her today to recheck Nathan’s progress after 1 week on a predigested from of B6 and he had improved tremendously! She does muscle testing to determine how his body is responding and she assigns numeric values for certain things. The first time we went to her, she found Nathan’s general health as a number 4 on a scale of 1000. Yes, he was very weak and depleted. Today, he found him as being a number 450! Major improvement in 1 week!

He has been healthy since we went to see her last week and started him on her supplements – just the B6 and something called “fig tree“. It’s in a liquid form (I couldn’t find the link for the actual supplement), but I guess it’s a fig tree extract. And that’s it! That’s all we’ve had to give him!

He hasn’t had any incidents of asthma all week. He still has a lingering cough but that is getting better every day.

I see light at the end of the tunnel!

He has also been MUCH MORE interactive and engaging in the last few days. I think the only way I can describe it is by comparing him to an autistic child (i’m not saying that he is!). An autistic child is said to be in his own world and doesn’t engage with others in their world very well. Well lately it feels like Nathan is more present and engaging with us in our world. I feel he is understanding me so much more. He is trying to imitate sounds and to follow requests. It’s hard to describe it – it’s so subtle – but I do feel that he is HERE with me much more. I don’t think it’s like bringing a kid back from autism, but I think it’s a matter of lifting the fog that was in his brain due to the lack of B6. B6 is essential for neurotransmitters so his brain was starving and not connecting correctly. So now that he does have more B6 in him, I feel that the fog is lifting and he is more present.

We brought her most of the supplements that we had been given by Dr. Dituro and she tested us both to see which ones we should keep and which ones we should drop. What she found was that we both needed a lot FEWER of the herbs we were taking. He went from like 8 different things to 4, and I went from like 20 different things to 4. She said that most of the things that Dr. Dituro gave us are wonderful and very helpful for the body, but that our body has to be able to accept and process them and not be overwhelmed by them. So now we will be taking the ones that our body really wants/needs.

We have also been taking the teas that we got from the Chinese doctor – OH MY GOD! They are incredible! I have been taking 3 of his special teas / day and I went from being a 2 in her scale of 1 to 1000 to a 950! I think it’s a combination of the B3 that she gave me and the teas.

So I feel that we have found our path. I plan on continuing to see Dr. Dituro to have him introduce different supplements and ideas to us, then I can muscle test them with Dr. Kenny and see if they would be suitable for us. Dr. Dituro uses muscle testing too but I think Dr. Kenny has more experience using muscle testing and is much more accurate.

A big part of her work is seeing the relationship between the body and emotions. So she doesn’t just look at the body as a piece of flesh that needs to be optimized. She sees it as intricately connected with emotions and to regain health we also have to release emotions that we have stored in our bodies. So her muscle testing takes this into consideration. I think Dr. Dituro has similar views which is why I think he’s a fabulous doctor. In any case, Dr. Kenny explained to me from the beginning that Nathan’s case is so complex that he will need many people following him, and everyone working together to see him to his optimum health and well being. So it’s not a matter of who’s better, it’s a matter of taking each person’s expertise and offering it to Nathan so that using a team of people we can help keep him healthy and happy and maximize his potential.

Moving on to the emotional work. She said that Nathan had a trauma stored in his body from when he was 4/5 months old. She said this trauma had made him feel like things weren’t okay and it affected his self confidence. Hmmmm – if you’ve followed Nathan’s blog, you’ll know what that trauma was. The shunt infection and hospital visit. That caused an emotional blockage that he has been holding on to. She did some work using some drops and some kind of laser device to help him release those emotions. She used this on me last week and let me tell you – it works. She uncovered an emotional blockage that I had carried since infancy and the release was unbelievable. So from personal experience, I know this method works. Coincidentally, she found that I also had a trauma that I was holding on to since I was 4 years old – something that caused me to engage in self-defeating behaviors and that made me feel like I had no voice. I honestly can’t remember what this trauma could’ve been, so I have to investigate, but in her muscle testing, she suggested something like a move, which I have to confirm with my mother. I just can’t remember. In any case, the reason I point all this out – HOW INCREDIBLE! To think of how these emotions impact our body and our health, and to think that she has a way of releasing these life-long stored emotions within days! Who needs psychotherapy when you have this kind of treatment!

I honestly can’t even begin to describe or comprehend what she’s doing or how. Everything happens very fast when we’re in her office. She’s like whirlwind, testing everything, moving from one thing to the next. I stay quiet and just accept and believe in her. Later on when things are more stable I will ask her for books, references, etc so I can learn about what she’s doing. Maybe one day I’ll spend time helping her so I can learn. But for now, all I know is – it works.

And to culminate this very sweet post, and to show an example of how much this treatment works.

Tonight Nathan and I took a very long bath. Typically he gets bored and tired after just a few minutes. TOday we lasted a good 45 minutes in the bath. The entire time we were in the bath he was looking at me straight in the eyes (yes, eye contact!). He was trying to repeat sounds I was making. He was trying to use his hands to grab my face and hair. He was happy and relaxed. Then I would put him on his tummy with his head just above the water and he invented this little game where he would let his face drop into the water because it made me laugh. He did it over and over again and would then lift up his head and look at me while I laughed and laughed. I guess it’s hard to describe it. But I can tell you, as his mother, it was one of the sweetest moments I have had with Nathan since his birth. He seemed so content and engaged. It is moments like that which fill my heart to overflowing.

And the most wonderful thing about the appointment. She said something several times. She kept saying, Marcela, he is perfect. He is just perfect. He is a miracle. He is perfect as he is. Then she said, the world needs him, the world needs his energy, the world needs more like him. She would stare me straight in the eyes every time she said that, trying to drill it into my brain and heart, that Nathan is absolutely perfect.

And the thing is – I agree wholeheartedly.

She did mention that we will continue to help him and give him opportunities, but that doesn’t mean he’s not perfect. He is perfect.


  1. How wonderful Marcela. Yay Nathan!! I want to visit Dr. Kenny after this post. I am so happy to hear Nathan is better and that it sounds like you are better.

    Your comment about the two of you sharing that beautiful moment in the tub I totally understand. There are moments with our perfect little people that no words can explain.

    Hugs to all of you

  2. Well, that is great news! I am glad you guys have been doing so OK. MORE than OK!

    I loved your bath story.

  3. How can I get Suzy in to see this doctor?

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