Nathan started yoga today. A few years ago he had some sessions with the wonderful Catherine, who is certified by Sonia Kumar and her “Yoga for the Special Child” method. But at the time we were doing so much that I let yoga fall by the wayside. Last week I decided to try hot yoga again, after a 2 year absence. Right away Catherine mentioned that a training had just finished and there were many new people certified, and would I like Nathan to receive sessions. After my amazing experience with hot yoga, my answer was a resounding yes.

Today Nathan saw Analee, and I must confess I had tears in my eyes, watching her work with him. She was so respectful of him, so kind, so supportive. She explained to me that she wanted the sessions to be very holistic – not just stretching his body, but working with his mind and spirit. She never forced him to do anything he didn’t want to do, made it very fun, playful, and relaxing. Nathan was very happy throughout the session and was very communicative of his pleasure or displeasure.

I feel that this is a perfect complement to Nathan’s current program. He is receiving medek sessions every day. He does hippotherapy once a week. Rolfing massage once a week. And speech therapy twice a week. Adding yoga plugs in the stretching component and is another way for him to learn how to relax his own body, as spasticity is such an enemy to him.

Overall I am so pleased about this new development. Next I am going to take Izzy to yoga classes – she really needs something to help her calm down! It sure is helping her mommy to be more relaxed and happy 🙂


  1. video? Please?

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