Sunday, August 6th

Nathan is going to be born on Monday, Augst 7th. We are sooo excited (and scared).

After consulting with a neurologist, we decided not to wait for labor and to schedule a c-section. As baby Dorje will be full term on Monday, the neurologist reccommended having him so we can determine his needs and begin to treat them, instead of waiting and increasing the risk of potential complications.

Please keep us in your prayers on Monday as we beging the next stage of this journey.

Thursday, August 3rd

At today’s appointment, the doctor measured the Nathan’s head again, and unfortunately it has continued to increase, it’s now at 36.5 cm’s.

Also, there is an increase in amniotic fluid, which may indicate that the baby has difficulty swallowing, so there is a build-up of fluid. Although the doctor didn’t mention this as a risk, I looked online and learned that this could present a problem: Polyhydramnios.

I’m 1 cm dilated and a little bit effaced, so labor could be starting soon. However, he said there’s no way to tell when labor will begin, it could still be a little while.

The news isn’t great this time around, but the plan is still the same – wait and pray.

Saturday, July 29th

Owen and I have decided to wait until I go into labor naturally. When I go into labor, we will go straight in for a c-section. As his head is already big, we don’t want to put baby Dorje through unnecessary stress trying to fit through the birth canal.

We will post here and send an email when I go into labor so you can pray for us during that critical time.

Thank you.